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Calgary/ Mosport 2005

Mosport Report: Topline Printing Yamaha

Young Gun Peris Unbeatable in Hindle Pro 600 Racing at Mosport

Young Gun Chris Peris had the best weekend of his professional racing career at the Parts Canada double header weekend at Mosport International Raceway last weekend.

It started with a stunning pole position run that saw Peris complete only the first five laps of qualifying. Peris set the pole time of 1:23.9 on his third lap, and then ran two more laps within tenths, and came into the pits and parked his bike.

"That was a perfect lap, I can't duplicate it, and I can't go any faster. Nobody will beat that lap." He took his helmet off, and sat down to watch the rest of qualifying. To the astonishment of the officials and spectators, he was right and his pole time remained unbeaten.

The television crews were aggravated, since Peris's qualifying effort was to be filmed as part of the featured rider coverage throughout the weekend. "We had just started to roll cameras, and were set up to film Chris, and then he never came around again!" proclaimed an amazed cameraman.

In Saturday's race, conditions were hot and dry, and the competition was close and fierce. Peris got off the pole behind the front row, and had to work forward. At the white flag he was 20 bikelengths behind Clint McBain, whose lead seemed insurmountable. Peris however, showed a new level of determination, and Rossi McBain by making up the gap, passing the leader, and putting in the fastest lap of the race on the last lap!

Peris' father Fernando was extremely proud of Chris and the Topline Printing Yamaha Team. "Chris made several draft passes throughout the race, and it was clear that our Vass Performance Racing Engine was faster than anything else on the track. Our second advantage is our Traxxion Dynamics suspension. To set the fastest lap by almost a second on the last lap speaks for itself; our Dunlop tires looked perfect even after that blistering lap. Chris never ceases to amaze me, and I am really happy for Max McAllister and Willie Vass, since they have worked so hard this year to put Chris on the box!"

Peris passed all post race inspections including a tear down and inspection of the front fork system.

The weather took a dramatic turn on Sunday, and it rained so long and so hard that officials continually delayed the start of the feature events. When the race finally did start, the track was full wet and rain continued to drizzle lightly. Peris led the race and a three rider breakaway of Peris, Tom Kipp, and Matt McBride quickly distanced the field. Then disaster struck as Peris approached the slow and slippery turn 5 area. A rider had fallen and a debris flag was waving. Peris was trying to sight the problem and ran wide of the apex, and fell on the concrete patch. Luckily, he stayed with the bike and was able to pick it up and re-enter the race. The right handlebar had bent in, but Peris continued on anyway, and actually maintained a third place position, 10 seconds off the leader.

To everyones amazement, Peris worked his way back past McBride, and then passed Kipp for the lead coming to the white flag. He never looked back and took his second win to complete a perfect weekend.

According to McAllister, Peris' suspension tuner, "Chris stepped to another level here this weekend. I have been watching racers for a long time, and I have not been that impressed with a rider since John Hopkins came from behind to win the AMA FX Championship at VIR. I think the fans can expect to see Chris competing closer with the leaders than ever at Mid-Ohio this weekend."

Peris and the Topline Printing Yamaha Team are headed to the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course for the upcoming weekends AMA National. More information is available at www.peris.ca

From a release issued by the Topline Printing Yamaha team


After missing the 1st round at Shannonville because of thye AMA round at Pikes Peak.

Chris' placed 2nd and 3rd in Calgary and 1st and 1st in Mosport

Chris is in 3rd place overall.

Overall stats

Pos Rider Motorcycle RD1 RD2 RD3 RD4 RD5 RD6 RD7 RD8 Total
1 Steve Crevier Honda 55 53 52 29 27 216
2 Clint McBain Suzuki 44 41 42 43 23 193
3 Chris Peris Yamaha 0 42 37 56 50 185
4 Tom Kipp Kawasaki 32 32 23 40 44 171
5 Frank Trombino Yamaha 41 27 25 32 29 154
6 Kevin Lacombe Suzuki 31 32 32 23 15 133
7 Matthew McBride Kawasaki 23 25 21 25 37 131
8 Pascal Picotte Yamaha 27 23 27 0 32 109
9 Andrew Nelson Honda 25 4 29 21 25 104
10 Brian Nielsen Yamaha 12 21 19 13 13 78
11 Bill Card Honda 17 19 15 0 19 70
12 Erick Beausejour Honda 0 12 10 19 17 58
13 Sean Heydorn Honda 15