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Daytona 2004, F-USA and AMA

The stories have slowed down, with Chris on the Valvoline EMGO, Suzuki team, it's all about results now and the stories about the drive and stuff have ended.

In many ways, it's a lot easier and in every way it's a lot easier. The only part that's the same is when Chris is on the track, that's still nerve racking. Even though, he is very smooth, dad's still nervous.

Chris's tuner for the Daytona round was Ed Sorbo, the 250 rider from AMA last year. Great Guy.

Nick Ienatsch, was there helping Chris out. Wonderfull human, possibly a saint.

Ari and Bill and myself (fernando) were there to watch the races. Ari, was also there to act as the Visor consultant. (funny story) our little secret.

In the CCS GTU expert, Chris came in 2nd, his team mates came in 4th and 5th.. Not Bad. For his first outing.

In the F-USA race Chris's third place podium was great to see after having a bit of a drought on the podium.

Very exciting race with the three leaders swapping spots for 12 laps. Chris finished on the short side of the draft, while coming up to two lappers. All in all, a great race and a great finish.

The AMA round, Chris was running 12th, when he tumbled and remounted, 2 laps later, for a 36th place finish. It's to bad he was running well all weekend and it looked like a top ten finish, would be his......That's racing.

The good news is he dropped his personal times by a second and recorded a 1:54 flat at the F-USA race. I should point out, this was his first weekend on the brand new Suzuki 600 GSX'r, he loved the bike and will certainly improve as the year advances.