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I quess I better finish off the year, I've been very slow to write.

Virginia was a quick dash from Montreal just 12 hours, after waiting two extra days for a lost Purolater package from Toronto, which contanied Chris's leathers, from our good friend, John Bickle.

As a result we had to wait till the last minute and drive all night.We arrived at VIR at 4:30 in the morning. when we got up we were confronted with the hottest possible weather ever known to man.
The humity was 100% and the temperature was about 100. I was confused by the humity factor, doesn't 100% humity mean it's raining? Live and learn. The weather all weekend was unbearable, according to some riders that have been to Malasia, they have never experienced hotter more humid weather, enough about the weather.

Our practise days went without incident and Chris was flying around the track like a seasoned pro.
He was generally running in the top 10 all weekend.

Jim (Bow Cycle) joined us on friday and was in charge of checking to see if I was still alive. I can't stop mentioning the heat.

During qualifing, Chris was flying and was running in the top 10 again and finally qualified in 15th.@ 1:29.9
Just 1 second behind Duhamel, not to shabby.

Sunday morning, looked good, chance of rain, Chris likes the rain. With a rain race we stood the chance of improving our possition in the race.

The rest of this story gets very sad, on sunday morning, while having coffee I decided to let some oil out of the engine and I got distracted.

The race was called a rain race and we scrambled around getting rain tires mounted and during the 10 lap practice before the race, The oil plug fell out of the bike and Chris crashed.
Fortunately he was unhurt and was the only rider to fall.
Because of the rain, the clean up took 4 hours instead of the usuall 1/2 it normally takes. This caused the superbike to be postponed till monday. No-one was very happy.

I can't really explain what we felt like, we sat on the wall waiting and waiting, everyone knew what had happened and that we were responsible for the delays. My lawyer has told me keep the rest to myself.
Our bike sat at the AMA office impounded, it was so bad that Jim told me, not to go get it, he would just buy us another bike.

I've learnt a lot this year, I just wish I hadn't learnt this much