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Shannonville Canadian National 2003

Chris raced again in Shannonville. Canadian National May 18th 2003

Honda Canada called on thursday and asked if Chris wanted to ride last years old F4i at the national. This was not a planned event as we're still on the campaign for good school marks and not good finishes. BUT .........................
Chris was off school friday and monday, for a may long weekend, so I said, yes.

The weekend went well, Chris wanted to beat all those Canadian guys, but didn't.
During qualifying, he was on Pole for the first 15 minutes of 25, then the boys put on some new soft rubber and put him back to 6th.
He had a good launch and was in 6th place behind Tom Kipp. (American fellow) Tom was defending his line so well that Chris could not pass safely. Chris was waiting for Tom to go in for his Stop and Go penalty for jumping the start, but he never did go in. The group ahead was a little to far ahead to catch and with all the waving yellows, Chris was stuck.
Tom Kipp was running about 1.085 and which was about a second slower than Chris was running at Qualifying. He was still not able to pass. Shannonville is known to be a tough track to pass. slower riders.

The Final Results.

Pascal Picotte ... 1st
Andrew Nelson ..2nd
Clint McBain ......3rd
Steve Crevier ......4th
Chris Peris ...........5th

A fifth place with all the talent in the top 4 is still very respectable.

The very exciting part and the most impressive thing I've ever heard from Chris (ever) was this weekend.

This is a true story:

When we arrived at the track, the bike Honda Canada was supplying didn't have a rear shock and hadn't been set up since last year.
Of course, now that I'm the tuner to the stars .... I did my work.
I put on a rear shock, lowered the front springs about 1/2 inch, drilled all the bolts for Canadian specs and the front shocks were a little high for Chris's liking, so I raise the rear shock a little to compensate. I asked about gearing and they told me 15 / 47 so I went with that.

This is the really cool part ..................
Chris comes in after practice and say's, " I need a little more compression in the front, I need two more teeth on the on the rear sprocket, and can you lower the rear shock, it wants to highside me in corner 8".
I'm not making this up. I sat back and thought, who said that. Sounds like progress to me.
By the way, these were the only changes we made all weekend.

The Superbike was a bad break for the older Honda. Chris qualified 13th and had a good start and went into corner 1 about 13th after 3 laps he was in 11th place and the red flag caused by Taylor meant another re-start.
The restart went well again for the first few laps, when Chris's engine blew on the back straight.
To Bad, he was running about tenth and trying to get closer to 9th place, although he was quite a bit behind 9th.

That's it for now, we're off to Colorado for Pikes Peak's next AMA round