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The Saga of the Last Race 2003

I had no idea what would take place during the last race of the year. I was shocked to hear that Chris was capable of doing 1:27's - as his father pointed out two minutes before the race started. Had I known , I would never have challenged him in the first place. Of course, I knew that I had 50 horsepower on him but after all, he's 16 years old - how hard can it be? A walk in the park. And how often can you be in a race with your nephew?

The race started. By the second lap I looked at my lap timer and it read 1:27. At this point I figured this wasn't going to be so bad, but I knew that Chris wouldn't be far behind.

It took Chris six or seven laps to catch up to me. He passed me as he always does in practice with his hand waving in the air saying, "Goodbye Uncle Bill". I couldn't believe it. I normally run lap times of 1:27, I looked down at my lap timer and it read 1:25. I could not believe that my
little nephew was passing me so gracefully, so smoothly, I was in shock. So I put my head down and tried to keep up with him, this wasn't easy for an old guy. Second-to last lap I passed him into corner one , thank God for the 50
horsepower that I had on him. I managed to pass him on the outside on the white line going into corner one, passing break marker one. This was a risky move but I was up for the challenge. I got by him and made it stick. I never looked back after this point. I saw the last lap flag.
I'm in corner one and my bike dies. Disappointment is the nicest word I can think of. My REED VALVE had broken and I had no power. Unbelievable, my nephew would win the race.

Later, I found out that Chris ran out of gas just after I had passed him into corner one, unbelievable. Carey Fougere ends up winning the Formula Two race. It could not happen to a nicer guy.

When we got back to the pits Chris came up to me and said, "man, I had you". Of course I replied with, "no way man, I had you."

Chris ended up doing 1:25 's on a stock RS 125 Honda with 38 horsepower. Unbelievable. I never had so much fun racing. There is one thing that I do feel bad about though; I told his father that it was an eight lap race when he
was filling up his gas tank when it was actually 10 laps. An honest mistake.

Thank you